Minnehaha Kendo Dojo


What is Kendo?

Kendo (剣道) literally means The Way of the Sword. Ironically, Kendo does not utilize live blades at all. A Kenshi or Kendoka's primary weapon is called a Shinai which is a Bamboo Sword.

Kendo was developed to practice fighting without causing serious injuries. But in the modern world, Kendo has became a discipline to mold the body and mind. Kendo has a saying:

Kendo begins with Rei (etiqutte), and ends with Rei

News and Annoucements


This weekend we will have sensei visiting from Chicago. Please arrive at 1:30 Saturday (7/9) for training to begin at 2:00. Training on Sunday (7/10) will begin at 9:00.

Follow the Google calendar in the information section for updates to dojo practices and events.

About Minnehaha Kendo

Minnehaha Kendo Dojo is a non-profit organization led by Travis Stronach Sensei (5th Dan). All fees go toward dojo's rent and maintenance.

Minnehaha Kendo Dojo is affiliated with Midwest Kendo Federation and All US Kendo Federation

Dojo Members

Head Instructor: Travis Stronach (5th Dan)

  • Bob Peterson
    5th Dan
    Travis Stronach
    5th Dan
    Bob Cochran
    4th Dan
    Jon Berry
    4th Dan
    Tyler Zimmerman
    4th Dan
    Mon Sucher
    3rd Dan
    Amanda Elg
    2nd Dan
    Nate Williams
    1st Kyu
    Steve Darchuk
    1st Kyu
    Steve Hoff
    1st Kyu
    Jared Robinson
    1 Kyu
  • Jamal Ben Ameur
    Elizabeth Walby
    Riza Hoff
    Yuan Yao


Practice Schedule

All visitors are welcome to watch and ask questions, please our calendar below for practice times and events.


  • Monthly - $45
  • Saturdays only - $35/mo.

Shinai available for $30


Please click on the calendar to find out where the practices take place; especially Wednesdays practice that we may switch location from time to time.

Youth Class

Please visit Twin Cities Kenyukai for youth kendo website: http://www.twincitieskendo.org/index.html


We only have one rule: if you have never done Kendo before or you are just not sure what we "practice". Come to the dojo, watch, then ask ALL the questions you want.

Kendo is really one of those "learn as you go" sort of things.

Contact Info

Guests are welcomed to our dojo anytime! If you would like to stop by, let us know!